Q: How do I use Fash’n Foil?

A: Fash’n Foil can be used every way ordinary foil can be used: Food presentation, preservation in your refrigerator, freezer, cooking, and insulation to maintain hot or cold temperatures.
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Q: Is Fash’n Foil food safe?

A: Fash’n Foil is manufactured using the Food and Drug Administration codes  and guidelines  for consumer health and safety. Avoid food contact with the colored side

Q: Can I use Fash’n Foil in the oven?

A: Fash’n Foil is oven safe. After extended periods of high heat, the color may change. FASH’N FOIL should Not be exposed to direct flames.

Q: Can I recycle Fash’n Foil?

A: Fash’n Foil should be recycled according to the recycling regulations in your local province.